House Cleaning Tips


Use real plants. They not only beautify your surroundings, but also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.


Do you want an alternative to bleach? Try hydrogen peroxide.


A damp sponge or cloth will remove pet hair from most upholstery.


Club soda makes a great linoleum cleaner and is also a good glass cleaner.


To keep your oven clean and never have to use toxic oven cleaners, buy inexpensive oven liners which are sold in the grocery store (in the aisle with disposable cookware, cookie sheets,etc.).


To Remove candle wax from wood floors and furniture, simply take a blow dryer, a bowl of water and a cloth. Aim the dryer at high speed onto the wax, a spot at a time. The wax will dissolve. Take your cloth which was been wrung out with water, and easily wipe it up!


To organize recipes or clippings from magazines and newspapers put them in a photo album. The sleeves are a perfect size for these things!


Are the drains in your bathtub or sink sluggish? To help dissolve the clog, pour a mixture of 1 cup salt and 1/2 cup white vinegar into the drain. Let it stand about 20 minutes and then pour 6 cups of boiling water into the drain. Then continue to flush with hot tap water for a minute or two.


For food burnt onto cookware try pouring boiling water into the pot. Sprinkle with salt, and wait 10 minutes before scrubbing.


Use your dishwasher to easily clean stove knobs, stove burners, children’s toys, pet toys, combs, etc. (Plastic items should go in the top rack only).