Sponge & Sparkle: Your Local Pet-Friendly Cleaning Service

Here at Sponge & Sparkle, we love pets as much as we love clean homes! We are your local pet-friendly cleaning service, serving Atlanta, Georgia. We also serve nearby areas such as Brookhaven, Chamblee, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and so on.

Keep reading for a heartwarming story involving our cleaning teams and an anxious, but adorable pup! We also share more details about our cleaning procedures and products to ensure your pets are safe and sound, while your home is getting clean and sparkly!

We love your pets!

We once had a client named Elizabeth, who lived with her anxious little dog. While the dog was a bit high-strung, it was just as playful and cute. It would just get nervous to see strangers (our Sparklers) entering the home with cleaning supplies, big vacuums, and new noises.

Our team was met with lots of barking, and even some jumping as the dog would try to attack the vacuum. It was a bit funny, but not ideal for efficient cleaning.

Still, our Sparklers treated the pup with love and worked around it! They left the home sparkling clean, and with a new friend (the dog).

We ensure proper procedures and products with pets!

At Sponge & Sparkle, many of us have pets too. So, we truly understand how much they mean to you, our clients. Pets are part of the family and need to be treated with respect and care!

If a client has a pet like this but is on a regular schedule with us, then it all usually becomes easier. We try to send the same Sparkler, and once the pet recognizes the person as a returning guest, they are usually more calm and more friendly.

Please let us know what pets you have beforehand if possible! To ensure harmony and safety for all, we recommend that nervous pets be isolated in a different area while we are sparkling their space.  For example, you can put them in a separate area or room, or even let them out in the backyard. Usually, with dogs, it is better for them to be secured in a yard, spare room, garage, or something similar. They will typically be more comfortable in their own space, as they will feel safer and more secure about an unfamiliar face in their home. If we need to clean their area first and then move on to another area, we can definitely make that work!

Plus, we use green and pet-friendly cleaning supplies to alleviate any irritation or allergens from impacting your pets! We are proud to use green products that leave our customer’s homes sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Furthermore, they are made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are environmentally friendly and pet-friendly!

We understand that deep cleaning is key with pets!

If you are a pet owner, deep cleaning is even more important for your home! Whether or not your pet sheds actively, there is often fur, dirt, mites, and more that can bunch up in the corners of your home. For the best interest of your family, these crevices must be cleaned professionally to reduce illnesses and allergies for humans and animals alike.

You don’t have to choose between your four-legged friends and a clean home! You can have both. Check out one of our previous blogs for home cleaning tips with pets:

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Are you looking for a pet-friendly cleaning service that is comfortable with and friendly toward the pets in your home? Are you looking for a professional cleaning service that can also get out all your pet's furballs, stains, and more? You’re in the right place!

Sponge & Sparkle values consistent, quality service and trustworthy business practices. We also value you, your family, and your pets. You can have peace of mind that your home (and pets) will be well taken care of with us. If you reside in Atlanta, Georgia, or nearby areas, contact us today at (404) 633-9652 to sparkle up your living space. Our cleaners will leave it dazzling! Meanwhile, you can spend less time doing chores, and more time playing or walking with your pets!

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