8 Thanksgiving Crafts and DIY Ideas to Keep the Family Entertained

The holidays are coming! If you’re stuck coming up with Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for the whole family, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to create your own photo turkey or want to make some Thanksgiving cards, there’s something here for every age group and skill level, including preschoolers, teens, and adults. Plus, if you need even more ideas, there are plenty of fun Thanksgiving crafts that don’t require crafting skills! Here's our list of 8 Thanksgiving crafts and DIYs ideas to entertain your family during the holiday.

1) Thanksgiving table place cards

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family, friends, and loved ones. This year, make it memorable by making some of your own Thanksgiving decorations. Place cards make for great fall decor! Try making this handprint turkey place card and add it to your Thanksgiving decorations. All you need is some paint, construction paper, a turkey template, some black feathers, a hot glue gun, and scissors to make this adorable place card!

2) Thankful Bookmarks

A great craft for kids, teenagers, or adults is a thankful bookmark. This project is easy enough for kids and perfect for when you're traveling and need something to read your favorite book with. You'll need a blank book, cardstock paper in various colors, scissors, glue sticks (clear or white), and a pen.

  • Cut out 5-6 different color shapes that are about 4 inches long by 3 inches wide.
  • Glue them on one side of the bookmark.
  • Flip over the other side of the bookmark and use markers to write thankful on it.

Your finished bookmark should be covered in colors! Add a little fall decor near it for an extra punch of seasonal cheer!

3) Fall leaf placemats

This is a fun craft that can be done with children of all ages, even teenagers! All you need are some leaves, some string, a sponge or paintbrush, and some water. Trace the leaf onto an index card with a pencil, then cut it out. Fill your bowl about halfway with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Dip your leaves in the colored water one at a time for about 30 seconds each. Lay them out on paper towels to dry overnight before using them as placemats!

4) Hanging Thanksgiving lanterns

Sponge and Sparkle has a great tutorial for making these cute hanging lanterns. You'll need some heavy twine, large white paper lanterns, cotton balls, glue, scissors, and paint.

  • Line up your lanterns on the table or floor in a row.
  • Cut slits into the bottom edge of each one with a pair of scissors—one slit per lantern.
  • Apply glue generously on both sides of each slit inside the lantern and then put a generous handful of cotton balls into each opening.
  • Close the lantern shut and hang it from a tree branch.

When dry, shake off any excess cotton balls before painting!

5) Gourd bird feeders

Gourds are bountiful this time of year, so why not put them to good use? Gourd bird feeders are fun for kids and adults alike! All you'll need is a gourd, some peanut butter, birdseed, needle nose pliers (optional), and twine.

  • Take your gourd in hand and remove the stem with pliers.
  • Make a hole at the top of your gourd with a drill or by poking it through with your fingers.
  • Fill the inside of the gourd about 3/4 full with peanut butter, then sprinkle birdseed on top.
  • When finished, tie off each end of the string around your neck to create a loop hanging from a tree branch.
  • Or alternatively, poke holes in one side of the pumpkin and place string through both holes to create a handle for carrying around.

Enjoy watching birds eat from these gourds all winter long!

6) Turkey cookies to munch on while watching TV specials

Turkey cookies are so easy to make, they just require a few ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen already. All you need is some butter, brown sugar, flour, vanilla extract, milk, salt, and a little bit of red food coloring. Mix all those ingredients together in a bowl until it forms a dough then roll it out on a floured surface until it is about 1/2 inch thick. Cut into pieces with your favorite cookie cutters (or you could even use the shape of a turkey). Place them onto an ungreased baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 minutes or until they start to turn golden. Let them cool before eating!

7) A Thankfulness Tree

Crafting a thankfulness tree is a fun way to get your family in the mood for Thanksgiving. Make it even more meaningful by writing down what you are thankful for on leaves and adding them to your tree!  There are many tutorials online if you need some inspiration! You can find one here.

8) Crayon turkey coloring page

Crayon turkey coloring pages are a great way for kids to spend their time on Thanksgiving. They can color in their turkey, then hang it up on the fridge. This can be done as a group activity with friends or family members - they'll have fun while getting creative! You can also purchase pre-colored crayons at most craft stores.

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