Looking for a Move-in or Move-out Cleaning Service?

Moving can be exciting but also stressful because there is so much to think about. If you’re moving into a new place, you’ll need to have it cleaned before you move in! It’s also helpful to have your old place cleaned and decluttered before you move out so that your landlord can show the property to new tenants quickly and easily. This will help you sell your home or find renters much faster. Sponge & Sparkle can take these chores off of your plate, so you have less to worry about during this time of transition! Check out more information about our move-in and move-out cleaning services:

What is Included?
The Sponge & Sparkle Move In and Move Out cleaning service includes a comprehensive cleaning of everything you see below when you are ready to move or rent your home:

Polishing furniture
Dusting blinds, ceiling fans, picture frames, etc.
Cleaning glass surfaces, TV screens
Vacuuming all carpets and rugs
Vacuuming all hard surface floors with a small canister vacuum
Changing linens on the beds if clean ones are supplied
Collecting and emptying all trash and garbage
Disinfecting & scrubbing down bathrooms; including sink, mirrors, toilets, shower, tub & washing floor by hand
Washing down all kitchen appliance exteriors and countertops, and inside of the microwave
Scouring the sink & wiping down anything sitting out such as canisters or toasters & vacuum and mop the floor
Wiping down cabinet fronts
Checking for cobwebs and fingerprints
Cleaning one set of french doors or one sliding door until it sparkles
Why is it Important?
Our cleaners check this checklist twice and can even get any other areas you need to be cleaned upon special request! The move-in and move-out cleaning process is so important for several reasons. As homeowners transition, you want to make sure both families find the home as clean as possible. This makes the moving-in process more exciting and the moving-out process less daunting.

After the furniture is lifted and moved around, a new layer of dust and grime is often revealed. Plus, if either family had pets, this cleaning process is crucial to avoid dust, allergens, and other irritating build-ups to invade the space.

To make homes good as new, Sponge & Sparkle has got you covered!

Why Us?
Yes, there are several local cleaning companies you could hire for the job. But, why is Sponge & Sparkle the best? Our cleaners are hardworking and attentive to detail. They will ensure the kitchens and bathrooms, as well as other rooms, are speck-free by wiping down sinks, countertops, and even the spots that people typically forget to clean like handles and door knobs. Plus, we specialize in move-in and move-out cleanings so our Sparklers are trained to get the spots new homeowners to need to clean the most. Let’s just say that this is above and beyond an average cleaning.

Plus, we have great reviews and several returning customers. Check out these testimonials!

From someone who scheduled a moving-related cleaning … “After making an inquiry through text (they were extremely responsive) we called and booked our move-out clean with only a day’s notice. Nancy & Gaitlyn arrived on time, were very pleasant, and did a FANTASTIC job. Our landlord, my wife, and neighbor were blown away by how pristine the home was. You folks made moving a little easier and that to me is priceless!” – Ricardo Rivera

From a pet-friendly family… “They did such an excellent job cleaning my home. Especially my floors as I have a dog. I highly recommend them!” – Nancy Griscom

From a long-term customer… “I’ve used Sponge and Sparkle for a number of years. From the fact that the owner came and saw my house to provide a quote to get to know the folks in the office over the years, I’ve been very happy with the service. They follow up for feedback and I’ve seen the detailed notes they keep on my house that help whoever happens to be covering the cleaning. I also like that the business is locally owned and that they give back to the community.” – Jennifer Yanulavich

Contact Us!
As you’re moving out of your old home and moving into a new one, you may notice a lot more dust and grime than you remember. You know who to call. We will deep clean your home for you and can even make sure all of these areas of concern are sanitized.

Sponge & Sparkle values consistent, quality service and trustworthy business practices. You can have peace of mind that your home will be well taken care of with us. If you reside in Atlanta, Georgia, or nearby areas, contact us today at (404) 633-9652 to sparkle up your living space. Our cleaners will leave it dazzling! You will also feel dazzling after knowing your home is as clean and germ-free as can be.

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