Make The Most of Your Time and Make Memories This Summer!

Now that school is out, and the summer is here, it’s time to make the most of the summer break! Summertime is all about making memories, swimming, going to the beach, making popsicles, and playing outside! If you have older kids, summertime might be the time for a first job, summer tutoring, or a youth program. The goal is to use this time to enrich your life and your memories. 

It is essential that you remember that just know that time flies. This is the time to be making memories with your children and to be having fun. You want to give them happy memories to look back on when they are grown and out of the house. Time is short and the summer just speeds on by, so make the most of your time together. Famous quote by Bruce Lee, is this: " If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made of."

A great way to save time is to outsource tasks that you don’t like or tasks that take away personal time from you. 

You can't outsource making memories together, so make the time really count!  Read this list to see if you can outsource some of these daily duties to someone else that can help you get more accomplished. Here is a short list of a few other things that you could outsource to save yourself time.

1. Grocery shopping

You can now make a grocery list online and have all of those groceries delivered by the next day! Online grocery shopping is a great time saver and it keeps you from overspending and overloading the buggy with items that you don't really need. Online grocery shopping promotes healthier eating and meal planning, too.

2. Meal planning and meal delivery

There are a lot of services that will send you all of the ingredients you need to make a very wholesome dinner at home. They are already portioned out with the ingredients and the vegetables right in the box. It's a big time-saver if you don't have time to plan out your meals, then you can get delivered right to your door, weekly. If meal planning doesn't excite you, try one of these services. It is a huge time saver and even helps you learn to cook with ingredients you may not have used before.

3. House Cleaning

If you are like most of us, you don't really enjoy cleaning your house. So, outsource the cleaning to us! We would love to do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning to help you 

and your family live a cleaner and less chaotic life. When you discuss your cleaning needs with Sponge and Sparkle of Atlanta, we make notes of what areas you want to be cleaned and how you like it. We can clean your house just as you would but save you the time and the effort of doing it yourself. Sometimes, the house gets messy we you make memories together, but it can be cleaned. Just remember the value of the time in baking those cookies, painting those pictures, and building those birdhouses! If you make a mess, we can clean it up. 

We would love to give you a quote on house cleaning so that you can have more time with your family and do things that are important to you and fun for all of you. Outsource your house cleaning to Sponge and Sparkle of Atlanta!