How to Reduce Your House-Cleaning Time

The daily task of cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and putting things away is time-consuming. monotonous task. The larger your home is, the more places you must clean too. Most people spend approximately 10 hours per week cleaning!

We all have busy lives and need extra time in our day. The time you can take back is the house cleaning time! Read below and we will tell you how to get some of that time back.

1.) Start Fresh:  

It is so much easier to maintain a clean home if you start with a clean home. And here’s the best part: you can hire a cleaning service to do a deep-cleaning for you. Your home can be cleaned, mopped, scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed to give you a fresh state on a clean home. After your deep cleaning, then you can maintain your home, and this is a lot easier than cleaning it all by yourself. Give yourself a clean slate by hiring a cleaning service to do a thorough, detailed house cleaning, so that it will be easier for you to maintain your clean home.

2.) Collect & Redistribute. 

Consider going room to room with a garbage bag in one hand, and a laundry basket in the other. Collect the garbage and put it in the bag, then collect the clothes and household items that need to be moved to another room, and place those in the laundry basket. 

Drop things off in the right room as you walk through the house. Then, make the last stop the garbage can, and dispose of the trash that you collected in the large can.

Doing it this way keeps the trash and clutter clicked up and out of the way. 

3.) Keep your cleaning products handy: 

It is easier to clean when you know where the cleaning products are, and if they are convenient. Put your cleaning products where they will be needed the most. This will save you running from room to room looking for them. Keep them in each bathroom, in the kitchen and in the laundry room. When you make it easier to grab, it makes it easier to clean (and faster).

4.)  Use Time-Saving Cleaning Devices!

To clean up bathroom or kitchen grime, there’s no need to scrub. Try using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning not only gets your space cleaned quicker, the hot water also sanitizes.

A rechargeable, lightweight vacuum will also make cleaning go faster. A robot vacuum can be used for in-between sweeping and vacuuming to keep the crumbs picked up.

5.) Turn up your happy music! 

Whatever music you enjoy listening to, tell Google or Alexa to play your favorite tune. It is much more enjoyable to clean to your favorite music. It makes the time go by faster, and you also enjoy it a lot more.

6.) Ask for Help: 

With house cleaning, we often times forget to ask for help. We try to do it all ourselves, and that doesn’t need to be the case! Remember to ask for help from the people who live in the home. Delegate certain tasks by name, and to attach their name to the job. 

Example: Alex, I need you to sweep the floor today. I have left the broom in the kitchen for you. Do it by 4pm.

Ask them by name, delegate a specific task they need to do, and give them a deadline. Set out the cleaning supplies too, for fewer excuses!

7.) Hire Help: 

If you need help with the house cleaning, we would love to help you! Call Sponge And Sparkle to get a quote on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning visits. We can help you find more time in your day by cleaning your home for you. Call now.