Why It is Essential to Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods?

Cleaning products containing harsh chemicals can make the air within your home up to 500% more polluted than what is outdoors. Considering that studies have found that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, this fact should be as alarming as it sounds. Using eco-friendly cleaning products is one of the best ways to ensure that the air quality within your home is as healthy as possible. Explore three of the top benefits of having your home cleaned with natural sprays, soaps, and more.

Proven health benefits

Did you know that many conventional cleaning products contain harmful ingredients such as phthalates, triclosan, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide? Various studies have linked these chemicals to endocrine disruption, breathing problems, skin irritations, and numerous types of cancer. Eco-friendly cleaning methods use natural ingredients (e.g. essential oils, plant-based cleaning agents) to effectively disinfect and remove dirt. While there are misconceptions about the effectiveness of natural cleaning products, there is no research showing a difference in the results produced. To avoid the negative health effects of conventional cleaning methods, it is crucial to switch to eco-friendly products.

Minimize environmental impact

Another consequence of using conventional cleaning products is the impact on the environment. Although many people know of the dangers of exposing bodies of water and wildlife to these harsh chemicals, there are added negative effects. One less obvious impact is caused by the improper disposal of cleaning containers and bottles. It has been shown that, when these containers are thrown away instead of recycled, the leftover VOCs can "cause problems in disposal sites, affecting animal life and vegetation.” Additionally, products that are locally sourced/homemade have a significantly reduced environmental impact, as they do not need to be shipped long distances.

Less of a risk to safety

While it is never safe to improperly use natural or conventional cleaning products, the safety risks associated with eco-friendly cleaners are far less than traditional products. The warning labels on natural cleaning products are almost always less severe than conventional cleaners. Despite the need for medical attention if either kind is ingested by a child or pet, the urgency and danger of the situation is significantly reduced with eco-friendly products.

Research continues to show the benefits of choosing natural cleaners over conventional, chemical cleaners. In addition to the health benefits provided, choosing smart cleaning methods protects the environment and makes your home a safer place for children and pets